Foreign Currency Exchange Advice

Will The Federal Reserve Strengthen The US Dollar?

Wed 15th February 2017
Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen has repeatedly said that she thinks it’s time to lift US interest rates, which would lift the dollar. ... Read More

How Might Greece Affect The Euro Exchange Rate This Year?

Tue 14th February 2017
Greece could affect the euro exchange rate this year, if it again looks like the Hellenic country might crash out of the Eurozone. ... Read More

Will The US Dollar Reach Parity with The Euro?

Mon 13th February 2017
There are several reasons to think that the US dollar may hit parity this year, including President Trump’s planned tax cuts. ... Read More

What’s The Outlook for The Pound to Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate?

Fri 10th February 2017
Sterling could climb against the CA dollar, because President Trump plans to impose a 20% tariff on Canadian imports. ... Read More

Will The New Zealand Dollar Exceed Its All-Time High Versus The Pound?

Thu 9th February 2017
The kiwi dollar may climb further versus sterling, what with Brexit and New Zealand’s economy in excellent shape. ... Read More

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