Foreign Currency Exchange Advice

Best Time to Exchange Singapore Dollars for Aussie Dollars in +5 Years

Tue 30th September 2014
The SG dollar has hit 0.9025 against the Australian dollar today, its highest in 5.5 years, or since May 25th 2009. ... Read More

3 Reasons Sterling Could Rise Above Its 3-Week High Versus Rupee

Thu 25th September 2014
Sterling climbs higher! The pound has hit its highest against the Indian rupee in 3 weeks today, or since September 2nd, at 100.13. ... Read More

Best Time to Exchange Pounds for Zloty Since July 24th 2012, 26 Months

Fri 19th September 2014
It's the best time to exchange pounds for Polish zloty since July 24th 2012, or 26 months today, as sterling hits 5.3785. ... Read More

Sterling Hits 2-Week High Versus Hungarian Forint, May Climb Higher

Thu 18th September 2014
The pound has touched 396.82 against the Hungarian forint today, its highest in more than 2 weeks, or since September 1st. ... Read More

Krone May Rise Versus Pound, as Norges Bank Hints at Interest Rate Hike

Thu 18th September 2014
The Norwegian krone looks likely to rise! The krone touched 0.0985 versus sterling earlier in September, its strongest 3 months. ... Read More

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