Foreign Currency Exchange Advice

Pound Strengthens Versus Most Major Currencies, as UK Exports Surge

Mon 8th May 2017
Sterling strengthened against most major currencies in April, as UK exports surged, and retail sales bounced back. ... Read More

Pound Stable Versus Euro, as Macron Wins French Presidential Vote

Mon 8th May 2017
The pound to euro exchange rate held between 1.18 and 1.1825 last week, as both the UK and Eurozone enjoyed sunny economic news. ... Read More

What's The Outlook for The Pound to Norwegian Krone Exchange Rate?

Thu 23rd March 2017
The outlook for the pound to krone exchange rate is extremely upbeat. Just today sterling has hit 10.6237 against the krone, its strongest in 11 weeks. ... Read More

What's The Outlook for The Singapore Dollar to Pound Exchange Rate?

Wed 22nd March 2017
The outlook for the Singapore dollar to pound exchange rate is excellent. Since the UK's vote for Brexit on June 23rd last year, the Singapore dollar has risen +14.34% against the pound, to 0.5743. ... Read More

How Does Economic Growth Affect The Value of The Pound?

Thu 2nd March 2017
The faster the UK economy grows, the higher sterling rises. ... Read More

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