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15 February 2011

Clever currency services

PureFX.co.uk are the go to people for clever currency exchange at the best exchange rates, sending money abroad and buying all types of currencies as well as providing completely secure international  payment services.

We can also help to advise private clients on issues such as buying property abroad, making money transfers safely and securely, emigrating, repatriating funds to the United Kingdom and purchasing special items. For corporate clients, we can help with competitive exchange rates, increased profits, reduced costs, risk management and many other operational business issues.

We operate a dedicated money transfer service that does not charge commission and offers loyal customers preferential exchange rates as well as having an elite level of professional service and a high degree of expertise in the field of risk management.

It’s extremely important to deal with a trustworthy and reputable currency exchange service, whether you are a private or corporate client. Corporate clients can potentially lose significant sums of cash if they are transferring funds using an unreliable service which charges exorbitant commissions, and although private clients will usually transfer smaller sums, their hard earned personal cash is extremely important to them, so it must be transferred reliably and cheaply at the best rates possible.

By calling our dedicated hotline on 01494 671800, you can discuss your full requirements with one of our advisers, who will then use specialist financial tools and analysis to secure your currency at the most profitable moment, before sending it to your beneficiary abroad whilst you are simultaneously issued an International Transfer Receipt from Lloyds TSB, our prestigious principle banking partner.

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