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Exchange Rate Updates

Understanding Foreign Exchange rates for better business

At Pure FX we specialise in helping companies optimise their foreign currency exchange strategies. They often approach us with little understanding of how foreign exchange strategies operate, even though this lack of understanding is putting their business profits at risk.

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Foreign exchange currency contracts

At Pure FX we also have the Stop Loss Order contract available to our clients. Using this type of contract, you will have the benefit of a fixed foreign currency exchange rate. It will prevent you from any losses over a 24-hour period and any quotations made on a fixed rate are valid until cancelled.

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Property and currency exchange

This is of course not limited to business deals and purchases. If you are looking to buy property in a foreign country, a currency exchange will also have to be done. The interesting thing about foreign exchange when buying property is the fluctuating market.

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An example of foreign currency exchange

In business today, any transactions are usually done using electronic banking. If company A, who are based in the United Kingdom buys stock from company B – situated in South Africa to the value of ZAR 100 000.00 – a currency exchange would need to be effected before the transaction is completed and the stock …

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How The Federal Reserve Affects Dollar Exchange Rates

Buying dollars is no different to buying stocks and commodities. The foreign exchange reacts strongly to sudden developments or unexpected events, just as any other financial market does. When making money transfers, we at Pure FX advise our customers to study the interbank rates (i.e. the ones on the TV and newspaper charts) first. The …

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The Impact Of The UK Economy On Foreign Currency Trading

GDP estimates are released quarterly, and are strong indicators of the UK economy. They are regularly updated and you can find the latest GDP results on Bloomberg News. Foreign exchange brokers use the information to decide how best to trade foreign currency for their clients – by using stop limit orders, for example.

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Foreign Currency Exchange And The GDP

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) report is eagerly awaited by anyone seriously involved in the stock market or foreign exchange. Investors, analysts and currency brokers like us at Pure FX review these reports, to see how they will affect trading. In fact it benefits anyone who is regularly involved in commercial decisions to keep up-to-date.

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Hassle free foreign currency exchange

There is no doubt that sports and great sporting events are one of the main factors that bring entire nations together in a fantastic atmosphere of competition and sharing. Great events like the Olympics and world cups have caused people of every nation to start touring all over the world in support of their home …

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Reasons for trading in foreign currency

Over $1.2 trillion of foreign currency is traded every day, with even small fluctuations having a direct effect on the value of the pound in your pocket. Why does all this foreign currency trading take place?

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Best deals with a specialist currency broker

The world of finance has changed incredibly in the past years and traditional ways of handling financial transactions are no longer good enough. People no longer have to depend on their local bank for Foreign Currency Exchange. With the business world being intensely competitive, companies need to transfer money in and out of the UK …

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