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Exchange Rate Updates

Currency makes the world go round

It does not matter where in the world you go today. The one constant that you will find in every country on the planet is a measure of trade: their currency. A country’s currency is an indication of that country’s pride and livelihood hence the different names for currency in various countries. It is an …

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How Investors And Speculators Affect The Foreign Exchange Rate

The foreign exchange works like the Stock Exchange. Whenever investors trade in any kind of foreign investment they are dealing in foreign currency. This includes bank deposits, equities, bonds, or property investments. For example, a Scandinavian investor may want to buy shares in an American company. She will pay for the shares in US dollars, …

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Why Do We Need Foreign Exchange?

Individuals and businesses trade currencies whenever goods are bought and sold abroad. Thus, a currency exchange market has developed around these practices, with hedging practises used for volatile trading periods. The foreign exchange is historically centred on the large central banks, large financial houses, and multinational business corporations. However with the advent of independent currency …

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The Benefits Of Using Online Foreign Currency Brokers

Foreign currency exchange, commonly referred to as Forex trading, is undoubtedly the largest equity market in the world. And online foreign currency brokers like us at Pure FX are undoubtedly the best option for getting maximum currency exchange rates.

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Beat the recession with competitive foreign exchange rates

Depending on your point of view, there are certain advantages to travelling within an integrated Europe. One of them is being able to move across borders without having to go through the traditional exchange of foreign currency. The Euro has on the one hand removed that aspect of a country’s personality, and on the other …

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Weighing the worth of foreign currency

The advantages of using our services at Pure FX are that you will be dealing with an expert in the field who will advise you on the best product for your personal requirements. We will offer you more competitive rates than the banks, our money transfer fees are considerably lower and we do not take …

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Foreign currency is a quick way to learn about a foreign land

It is no secret that the languages of the world are as vast as the nations and people that inhabit it. Now, while it is feasible to learn more than one language fairly easily in our youth, it does become a bit of a chore as we get older and that’s purely due to our …

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