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Exchange Rate Updates

Why Foreign Exchange Brokers Are Preferred For International Money Transfers

Why Foreign Exchange Brokers Are Preferred For International Money Transfers People conduct international money transfers for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is property purchases. When buying property abroad, it has to be paid for in the currency of that country. To get the best exchange rates, and the level of …

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Buying Property Using Specialist Money Transfer Services

When buying property or a business abroad, you need to be sure you’re getting the best exchange rates at the time the sale goes ahead. The most minor of fluctuations can become a loss-making exercise if you’re buying Euros or dollars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Buying property abroad means sending money abroad. But …

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A Return To The Drachma – The Worst Scenario?

As recently as 2001, people were making international wire transfers to Greece in Drachmas, rather than buying Euros. Now, with Greece talking of rescuing its economy by cutting free of the Eurozone, there’s a possibility the Drachma will be on the foreign currency exchange boards again. Or will it? Let’s see the effect of returning …

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European Union – Or Independent Currency?

Those making international payments to European countries will be only too aware of the return they get. Those who used to buy Euros for investment purposes are turning their back on Eurozone money transfers, and looking at other avenues instead.

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Could We Be Buying Currency In Drachmas again?

Up to 2001, the way to make an overseas money transfer to Greece was to buy Drachmas. Then Greece threw in its lot with the fiscally secure Eurozone countries – and rapidly became the thorn in the European currency union’s side.

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Why It’s Good To Use Specialist Money Transfer Services

Whether you are a company making regular international money transfers for import orders, or a retiree buying property abroad, a foreign currency broker like us at Pure FX will secure you the best exchange rates. When you transfer money overseas, you are at the mercy of fluctuating foreign exchange rates. These go up as well …

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Tips On Buying Euros For International Money Transfers

The best exchange rates on Euro transfers are obtained by going to online currency brokers like us at Pure FX. We have a number of derivatives and financial options at our disposal, to help you get the best return for your investment. Buying Euros is fraught with difficulty, owing to the unpredictability of the Eurozone …

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The Benefits Of Forward Contracts When Buying Euros

The ‘two Euros to the pound’ days are long gone, but you can still get good value when buying Euros, so long as you accept that the best money exchange rates lie with brokers like us at Pure FX, and not the banks. This is especially true when buying Euros in large amounts, for single …

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Using FX Brokers For Overseas Money Transfers

Using FX Brokers For Overseas Money Transfers There are various ways to transfer money overseas, some of which offer very poor exchange rates. Many people use their banks for currency exchanges. However, high bank charges, coupled with a history of a weak pound against the dollar (and other foreign currencies) has made them rethink their …

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International Money Transfers With Online Currency Brokers

When you exchange currency, there are two things to bear in mind: the exchange rate, and the cost of the transaction. Using conventional money transfer services, the fees can often be excessive – and the exchange rates high. A large number of international money transfers are for relatively small amounts, incurring a variety of commission …

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