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Currency For Tuition Fees

"Thanks so much and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend you, you have always been reliable and easy to deal with. Am sure we will speak soon."

V Morley, Singapore

Is your son or daughter about to start studying in another country?

Then, aside from the excitement of finding them a place to live and bidding a tearful farewell (or adios, or auf wiedersehen), getting a good exchange rate for tuition fees is vital, but often overlooked.

We will help you to obtain our best possible exchange rate, keeping the cost of studying abroad as economical as can be.

You can look forward to:

  • Fantastic exchange rates
  • Same day international transfers for most mainstream currencies, from a currency broker directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • No hidden fees and no commission
  • Exchange rate alerts for when your target rate becomes available

Also, we can walk you through the process of fixing your exchange rate for future tuition fees. That way you are better able to budget.

Please feel free to contact a Pure FX currency dealer, who will help you decide which option is best for you.

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    Request a rate alert with us, and we can get in touch the moment your target rate becomes available.

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