Currency For Your Business

At Pure FX we acknowledge that no two companies are the same, so the currency solution we offer you will be made to measure for your business. Not just an off the peg solution, with a nip and a tuck to try and make it fit a little better.

Pure FX helps many businesses across industry sectors including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Event Management
  • Import / Export
  • Wholesalers
  • Film and media
  • International recruitment

We are passionate about offering clients our best possible service. So, when dealing with Pure FX, you will have your own designated currency dealer who will be your single point of contact. They will assist you with everything from helping to secure your currency at the best possible time; to making sure that the payee bank details include all information required to make your payment as quickly as possible. This is really important when making international money transfers, in particular to countries like China.

Whilst everyone wants to get the best exchange rate, we have been offering our clients better exchange rates for years. To help put this into context, a company contacted Pure FX recently after being introduced by their accountant. We saved them a significant amount when compared to their bank.

Given the recent volatility in global markets, it is really important that you consider what impact fluctuating exchange rates will have on your profits. Your currency dealer will give you advice on all the options available, and talk through which solution is best for you.

Why not talk to a currency dealer to find out how much you could save? Alternatively, request a call back and a dealer will contact you at a more convenient time.

"Pure FX smoothed out the process for us all along the way…"
Mr & Mrs Stirling, Saudi Arabia