Foreign Currency Exchange Advice

Pound Jumps Versus US Dollar, as Mueller Subpoenas Trump Campaign

Mon 20th November 2017
Sterling shoots and scores versus the greenback! The pound to US dollar interbank exchange rate rose +1.5 cents last week, to 1.3250, close to a 3-week high. ... Read More

Pound Slides Versus Euro and US Dollar, as Conservative MPs Plan Coup

Mon 13th November 2017
The pound fell over its shoelaces last week, chiefly because The Sunday Times published an article, saying that 40 Conservative MPs are prepared to oust prime minister Theresa May. ... Read More

Pound Wobbles Versus Euro and Dollar, as BoE Unlikely to Hike Further

Mon 6th November 2017
The pound fluctuated last week, as Bank of England chief Mark Carney said that further interest rate rises "would be at a gradual pace and to a limited extend." ... Read More

Brilliant Time to Buy Tarn Property, as Pound Set to Rise Versus Euro

Thu 26th October 2017
Outstanding news if you intend to buy a property in Tarn this year! You could transfer your money from the UK to France at a superior exchange rate. ... Read More

Pound Weakens Versus Euro, as UK Inflation Outpaces Wage Rises

Mon 23rd October 2017
Sterling descends a rung of the ladder versus the euro! The pound to euro interbank exchange rate fell -0.5 cents last week, to around 1.1175, close to a 6-week low. ... Read More

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