CHAPS And SWIFT Payments

CHAPS And SWIFT Payments

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On this page you'll learn about CHAPS and SWIFT payments, and whether they're appropriate for your transfer.

CHAPS Payment

A CHAPS payment is a same-day electronic transfer of funds, specifically used for transferring large sums (over £10,000) within the UK.

The advantage of a CHAPS payment is that the money arrives in the recipient's account the same day, so long as the money is sent before 15.00 GMT. There is a charge for making a CHAPS payment.

SWIFT Payment

A SWIFT payment is an electronic transfer of funds between different countries, typically used when you're buying a house abroad, or other big-ticket item, and need to transfer money to the vendor.

There is no minimum or maximum transfer limit with SWIFT payments. Once you've sent the payment, it will typically take between 3-5 working days to arrive in the recipient's account. There is a charge for making a SWIFT payment.

To make a SWIFT payment, you'll need the IBAN or bank account number, as well as the BIC code (sometimes called the SWIFT code) of the destination bank account.

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